Friday, June 13, 2014

Altered Mini-Composition Book

Once upon a time, in my life before kids, I used to be quite crafty! I dabbled in sewing, but I mostly focused on paper crafts. I have hundreds of rubber stamps sitting in my closet right now, begging to be used! And then as soon as my son was born, I became consumed in this thing called Motherhood.

I came across a blog post recently, challenging me to bring my WHOLE SELF to motherhood. It was a good reminder to make time for myself and for my interests. So I'm committed to doing some simple (and fast!) projects. I thought I'd share a favorite with you:

Altered Mini-Composition Books

Aren't they cute? I'm going to show you how I did it -- although most of you out there are so crafty, I'm sure you can tell just by looking at the picture how to duplicate this :).

Step 1: I started with these supplies:
  • Mini-composition books (three for a dollar at your local dollar store!)
  • Spray adhesive glue (PVC glue or Yes Paste would also work)
  • Scissors and/or paper trimmer
  • Fun scrapbook paper
  • Something to protect your work area from the spray adhesive

Step 2: Measure the length and width of your composition book. Don't include the black binding. But do include some overhang. I ended up cutting mine to 3 inches by 4.5 inches. 

Step 3: Cut two panels per book (one for the front, and one for the back)

Step 4: Spray the backside of the paper with the adhesive. Attach to the cover of the book, working quickly. [No picture of this step... was too busy working quickly!]

Step 5: Trim the overhang around the edges.

Step 6 (optional): You could add coordinating paper to the inside of the front cover and the back cover, if you're feeling ambitious!

Step 7: Admire!

You could also add embellishments to the front of the cover, but I would make sure they weren't too bulky or three-dimensional: you want to make sure they're easy to carry around in a purse! I also thought about personalizing them with stamped initials on the front. Have fun with it!

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