Saturday, June 28, 2014

Connecting in the Chaos: Parenting Webinars

From San Diego Marriage and Family Therapist Alair Olson:

I'm excited to share that our practice is launching a brand new webinar series for parents called Connecting in the Chaos:  A Place for Parents to Process and Make Sense of the Places Our Kids Get Stuck.  Our vision is to provide parents with space and resources to help them feel equipped, encouraged and empowered in their role as parents.

Each webinar will be held on a monthly basis for 90 minutes, and we've tried to schedule them at times that will be most convenient for parents.  The first webinar is free and each subsequent one will be $10.  Parents can watch live and have the opportunity to interact with us via typing in questions or comments, or they can watch the webinar at a later date.

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