Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Teacher Lee Play-to-Learn

Have you heard of Teacher Lee? She runs a free preschool-type program here in San Diego. My two year old and I have been to several of her one hour classes and he absolutely loves it!

Here's a short video to show you what it's like:

And here's information straight from her website, if you're interested:

What:Teacher Lee Play-To-Learn is a unique FREE preschool program that does two wonderful things:
  1. We give children a fun and exciting preschool environment in which they can explore, create and learn;
  1. We teach parents how to use the developmental teaching skills they learn during Play-To-Learn™ outside the classroom, to help their own child become Kindergarten ready.
Classes are one hour long and a child will only be admitted with a parent or caregiver in attendance. Our motto is “children play to learn, let’s all learn to play!” With that said, get ready to have fun!!!
How:Teacher Lee loads an entire preschool into her vehicle and takes it to a free venue. She quickly turns an empty room into a fully equipped preschool classroom. All families are welcome to attend and the children are free to choose what they would like to do. Some children rush to the Play-Do and others to the art table or book corner but, whatever they choose, the class is always full of smiles and laughter.
Where:Teacher Lee has classes in the following areas:
  • Monday – City Heights
  • Tuesday – North Park
  • Wednesday – Otay Ranch
  • Thursday – 4s-Ranch
  • Friday – New venue to be announced soon
For a more detailed calendar with classes, venues and times please click here. 
Where do I sign up for a class?Just come to the class. There is no pre-registration. Our goal is to reach as many families as possible and we would love to see you in class next week. 
How do I bring a class to my neighborhood?Parents are the drivers of the Play-To-Learn classes and they are required to bring together a minimum of 15 children and a free venue. At that point Teacher Lee will schedule a regular class.
Until Teacher Lee finds the funding to employ an additional teacher, we will have to limit the number of venues to one per day. As such, Teacher Lee is fully committed at this time. If you would like to help Teacher Lee fund a new class, please feel free to make a donation or have your business use one of the awesome sponsorship opportunities. 
Are then any strings attached? What’s the catch?Our classes are free. There is no charge at all. There is always a donation box in the classroom and we strongly urge every parent to donate something according to your ability to help pay for this program.
Teacher Lee earns NO salary and will not until there is sufficient funding through donations and sponsorships. Right now Teacher Lee pays for almost all of the consumables herself and established the school using her own savings.
You will also find a donation tab on this page and your help is always greatly appreciated.

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