Sunday, October 19, 2014

Children's Books

In my next life, I'd love to be a librarian whose only job is to read picture books aloud to young children. It's my favorite thing to do! Fortunately, my two year old loves books! We love to go to the library, but I've been working on building my own collection.

A while back, one of my favorite bloggers put together a fantastic list of the Top 50 Picture Books for children. She also shared 11 Best Designed Board Books for your toddler. (Have you read any of them?) Recently, B.J Novak (Ryan, the temp, from The Office) has been making waves with his new book: The Book with No Pictures. It's designed for preschoolers up to second graders, and it's meant to both show the power of words, and also to be hilarious!

Here's a funny clip of him reading his new book to some students at a school assembly:

What do you think? Would your kiddo enjoy a book with no pictures?

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