Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Curl up with a Click, 5th edition

A compilation of some great reads around the internet - because I may not have time to curl up with a good book until the kids are 18!

10 things to do differently BEFORE you lose your temper "I am not a hostage at the mercy of my six-year-old’s disdain for what I cooked for supper. His temper tantrum does not have to boss me into my own."

What Women Want "She paused dramatically and in a butter-cream-smooth tone, said: “Mom, if you just gave us more of the things we want, there would be less crying and being angry with you.”

What if having an extraordinary life isn't the point?  "Our big ideas to “change the world” can become ways of actually avoiding the opportunities we have every day, right where God has placed us, to glorify and enjoy Him and to enrich the lives of others."

Why are America's Post Partum Practices So Rough on New Mothers?  "It took me a good eight to nine weeks to be normal—I mean, physically able to not wear disposable underwear. But you’re supposed to be Facebook-ready two days after labor.”

A Literal and Metaphorical Breakthrough "I can’t thank her enough for touching me on the arm that morning and offering her support. I have too often wanted to do the same for someone else but held back because I didn’t want another mother to think that I was being judgmental"

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