Thursday, November 13, 2014

Curl up with a Click, 6th edition

A compilation of some great reads around the internet - because I may not have time to curl up with a good book until the kids are 18!

On not "firepitting" our marriage (or our children) "I think it’s a normal human tendency. We put more effort in with our friends than we do with our family. We want to be hospitable, but we also want to impress. And while it’s wonderful to feel like we can be comfortable with our own spouses and children, I find that sometimes this means that we put less effort in, too."

Our "Mommy" problem - NY Times "Somehow, as we’ve learned to treat children as people with desires and rights of their own, we’ve stopped treating ourselves and one another as such."

How I do it all (not) "I don’t see what is gained by any of us pretending that somehow everything runs flawlessly behind the scenes."

12 Witty responses to "you have your hands full" (Number 1 is my personal favorite but I don't think I'd ever have the guts to say it!)

To the momma at Chick-Fil-A  "All of the times that we get to be mommy? All of the moments that are completely ordinary and yet often completely overwhelming? They’re worth it."

We need to stop saying 'Babies ruin bodies' "She knows  my heart - she knew it long before we met. And she loves me for it."

A Mother's Repentance  (If you only have time to read one, make it this one!)

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