Thursday, February 12, 2015

Curl up with a Click, 7th edition

A compilation of some great reads around the internet:

10 Things Happy Moms Don't Do - I'm still working on number 4!

The Not So Magic Word - Should we stop teaching our children to say please?

I let my toddler dress me for a week - This gave me a chuckle.

Why Being a Mom is Enough - "Somehow in this mixed up media world of things to do and places to go and dreams to follow the beauty of simply being a mother is completely lost. "

Modern Moms Looking for Perfection in all the Wrong Places - Such a good reminder!

The Importance of Roughhousing with your Kids - Moms can do it, too!

The Day I Pooped my Closet - I dare you to read this without laughing out loud :)

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