Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some Things You Should Know

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey in the last post. The information you gave me will help me make the next year of MOPS even better!

For those of you who are interested, here are the results (19 total responses):

People's favorite meetings are the ones where practical tips are shared (9 votes) followed closely by "I don't care, I'm just so happy to be kid free" (7 votes).

Most people would prefer to meet up at the Liberty Station playground on our off weeks (14 votes) instead of the zoo. So that's what we'll do!

As for MOPS business cards, 11 of you said you'd be somewhat likely to give them out and 6 of you said you'd be very likely to give them out. I'll be designing some and printing some up for the fall. No pressure to hand them out if that's not your thing!

I asked if we should do more along the lines of the MOPS International yearly theme. This was pretty split - 8 of you said "No, let's just keep it casual", and 8 of you said that you had no strong opinion. So I think we'll continue to keep it casual!

I appreciated all of your honest feedback about what suggestions and ideas you have for next year!

In other news:

We had our first MOPS summer playground play date today! Thanks so much to Kelly for putting it together. If you missed this one, there will be others. Keep an eye out on our Meetup page!

Also, if you're a planner like I am, you'll want to know our MOPS meeting dates this fall! I've updated the Meetings page with all of the dates (including the Mom's Morning Out dates!) and I'll be adding in speakers and topics as they get back to me throughout the summer.

And stay tuned for weekly blog updates over the summer!

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