Monday, August 3, 2015

Curl up with a click, 8th edition

I have so many great articles to share with you! We don't always have time to dig into that novel like we want to, but it's nice to steal 5 minutes in the day to read something inspiring, encouraging, or practical. Hope you enjoy!

7 Ways to get your kid to stop whining - Number 2 has worked well for us!

I have everything I ever wanted. Why am I so unhappy? - Being distracted is a big one for me.

To my four kids, from Dad - I love this letter so much, I wish I had written it myself!

How to get picky kids to eat (But for real) - I thought number 5 was genius (it's okay to lie to our kids, right?)

How often are healthy couples having sex? - Great perspective from the MOPS international blog.

Why we don't stress out about choosing a school - As a former teacher, this is the BEST article I've read about education in a long time!

Self deprecation is for mothers - That voice is loud in my head sometimes, I confess!

What have you read lately?

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