Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Fierce Flourishing

Our MOPS theme this year is "A Fierce Flourishing."

This particular season of Motherhood can feel more like surviving than flourishing. It can feel like you're a lone lily in the desert. How are you supposed to bloom when water is so scarce? When the kids are very little and are so utterly dependent upon you for everything ... when they rely on you to meet every need, to wipe every tear, to set every boundary, to play every game, to read all the books, to prepare every meal, to even BE the meal! - it becomes very easy to go into survival mode. To constantly count down to the next naptime, to the next bedtime, to when they're finally sleeping through the night, to when they can feed themselves, to when they're finally out of diapers. To when, maybe, if ever, this parenting gig will get easier.

But what would it look like if we chose to flourish instead of survive?

What if we embraced the chaos and the mess and chose to enjoy this season of life anyway? What if we sought out everyday moments to celebrate? What if we were on the lookout for the goodness right in front of us? What if we claimed all of the opportunities for rest and connection that we could? What if we realized we weren't just any lilies, we were desert lilies? We were made to flourish right here where we're planted. Right in the midst of whatever desert is yours: your "spirited" child; your husband deployed; your family too far away to help; your special knack for breeding non-sleepers. There can be so many impediments to our joy. So many reasons to live our lives in survival mode.

This year, I invite you to choose to flourish. It won't be easy. It might even be scary. It will involve a fierce determination to look at our everyday lives with a new perspective. To reach out to other moms for friendship, connection, and encouragement. It'll take a fierce determination to rediscover joy amidst the drudgery, beauty amidst the mess, and purpose in the chaos. But I believe we'll emerge the better for it, for even trying. Because one day I want to look back on this particular season of motherhood and be able to say "It was hard, but it was GOOD."

So thanks for helping me get there, ladies! We're better together!

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