Monday, March 7, 2016

Curl up with a click, 9th edition

I have so many great articles to share with you! We don't always have time to dig into that novel like we want to, but it's nice to steal 5 minutes in the day to read something inspiring, encouraging, or practical. Hope you enjoy!

Ten Ways the Mother on Daniel Tiger is Better than Me - I need a bracelet that says: WWDTMD? What Would Daniel Tiger's Mom Do?

A Prayer for the End of Nursing - I teared up when I read this, and I'm not even that sentimental!

7 Habits of a Hot Marriage in the Middle of Monotony - I can attest to number 5 and 7!

Valentines Day Poems for Married People - I was literally laughing out loud.

The Bedtime Pass Helps Parents and Kids Skip the Sleep Struggles - Got a kid that's waking you up in the middle of the night? Do this right and consistently, and it works (research proven).

But I Want It - "Maybe you didn't hear me. I really, really, really want it."

V is for Vocation - For those days when you wonder if changing poopy diapers is what you were meant to do with your life.

8 Ways I'm Surviving with 3 Kids Under 4 - These tips are actually useful! Number 1 sounds crazy but doing it keeps me from going crazy!!

The Sanitized Stories We Tell - A beautiful read from one of  my favorite author. Worth reading from start to finish.

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