Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thanks, Pinterest

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I do love looking at all the pretty things, but all it takes is ten minutes of scrolling to feel like a bad mother (I don't have a DIY chore chart for the kids; I don't cut their food into fun shapes; we didn't do Elf on the Shelf; OMG I'm ruining their childhood!) So I've stopped the mindless scrolling, and I only use Pinterest as a visual search engine these days.

Pinterest came in handy when I started looking for activities to keep my boys busy in the afternoon. Does anyone else find that the hours in between naptime and bedtime stretch into infinity? There are only so many cars I can race and so many dinosaurs I can fight before my eyes roll into the back of my head. So I went on the offensive and planned out a few low-key activities to try in the afternoon with my kids. Here's a little report of some Pinterest ideas we've tried so far:

Practicing with scissors! William loved this. 
Henry ended up making what I call "ripped paper art" :)

This is fruit loops on a spaghetti noodle stuck in playdoh.
A VERY popular activity with both boys!

I didn't think they would be into this pipe cleaner and colander "sculpture activity".
But they loved it! Henry informed me he made a spider web. (Obviously, mom)
And William said he made a TV. (Can you tell his main interest is cartoons? Haha!)

The boys did like this one. (Edible manipulatives for the win!)
I got the magnetic numbers from the Dollar Tree.

William is not that interested in the alphabet unless it's his name.
Even so, this cotton swab name painting was a total flop. 
He didn't even want to finish it! 

You might have dried beans in your pantry! 
William loved putting beans on white glue letters of his name.
Henry tried to keep up but lost interest after the H. That's okay!

My most ambitious project: we made snow! 
(Disclaimer: Do not attempt if you are feeling especially cranky or tired.)
One cup (white) conditioner, and four cups of baking soda.
Fun but definitely messy. Clean up was super easy, though, and it smelled amazing!

I got these water beads from Amazon. But I think you can also get them from a craft store.
This kept the boys busy for a loooong time.
(So basically, worth its' weight in gold)

This was 4 Tbsp cornstarch and 4 Tbsp dish soap. 
Surprisingly not that messy, and it kept the kids busy for quite a while so I say it's worth it!

I'd love to know what you do to keep your little ones busy! Have you had any Pinterest successes lately?

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