Sunday, May 22, 2016

When is your family complete?

How do you know when you're done having kids? Do you have a mutually agreed upon number in mind and stop when you hit it? Do you keep popping out babies until you're family "feels" complete? Or maybe you find that you have less control over the number than you thought.

Before we had kids, my husband used to say: "If you have one kid, you may as well have a dozen." His reasoning was that once you cross the line between NO KIDS and KIDS, well then you may as well go for gold. But then we had our first kid. And 18 months later we had our second kid. And we discovered that each kid adds an exponential amount of work (and love, yes of course!) and changes the family dynamic.

After a lot of back and forth, we're very happy with just two kids in our family. Although I do have to admit, as my youngest gets older and older (nearly two and half now - practically driving!), I find myself missing their baby stage!

Then I came across this music video by Nicole Nordeman, making the rounds on my Facebook feed:

Though friends assured me I would cry, my immediate thought was: "Hey, maybe let's have a couple more kids. Yep, we need more kids." And then the boys woke up the next morning and had a ten minute screaming match about which cartoon to watch first, and I had a reality check.

So for now I have a nursery pennant just like this hanging in their bedroom:

To be honest, some days I want it to be true more than others. And I do my best to remember to cherish every stage my kids are at, while they're there. Even on the hard days!

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