Monday, August 8, 2016

MOPS Book Club

You're officially invited to MOPS book club, starting up this fall! I'm giddy excited about it. Let me tell you what it's going to look like.

You know those book clubs that are super serious, where people discuss literary techniques, use big words, and only read thick classics with tragic endings? That's not the vibe I had in mind.

And you know those book clubs that only tackle the latest beach read, where half of the people don't even read the book, and where the discussion devolves into swapping potty training horror stories? That's not the vibe I had in mind, either.

I'm hoping to strike a happy medium: one part social, one part literary, where discussions focus on how we related to the themes in the book. If that sounds like your cup of tea, I hope you'll join us! Believe it or not, you CAN still read with little ones underfoot (the trick that works best for me is to ignore my housework).

Here are the details:

And now for the exciting part: selecting our first novel! Below are the three novels to choose from, please click on each link to read the summary. Scroll to the bottom of this post to put in your vote!

Blueprints (416 pages)

First Frost (320 pages)

They each look so good, I'm pretty sure we can't go wrong! Cast your vote below; you've got until Saturday, Aug. 13th before the winner is announced.

UPDATE: We'll be reading "The Status of All Things" as decided by popular vote!

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