Monday, October 9, 2017


This year at MOPS, we are living Free Indeed! In an effort to bring literal freedom to others, I will be participating in Dressember. Dressember is an international movement that is committed to ending modern day slavery and sex trafficking. Here are the sobering facts:

It's easy to lose ourselves in the numbers. It's tempting to think that there is nothing we can do. 


I'll be wearing a dress every single day in December to raise funds and awareness. This will be a creative challenge! I only own six dresses and most of them are short. I'll be piling on tights/leggings and cardigans to keep warm in our California winters. And most importantly, I'll be joining the fight to rescue victims, serve justice, and restore lives. 

If you'd like to join me, you can donate on my page. All funds raised through Dressember make a powerful impact! But BETTER YET! I've created a MOPS International Team because I know my sisters around the world are up for the challenge of raising $10,000 in an effort to bring freedom to so many.

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