Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Table Assignment Survey

Hi friends! Usually I wait until the end of the year to ask for feedback, but I would really like your input about our table assignments. We've had two meetings so far with assigned tables, and if you've been at one of those meetings, would you fill out this brief survey?

We've always been a very informal and laid back group! This is our first time trying out table assignments, in the hopes of getting a "mentor mom" at each table. A Mentor Mom is an older mom with grown-up kids who can offer support and encouragement to us. This usually works best if the same moms sit with the same Mentor Mom in order to foster a meaningful relationship. I have the best of intentions with the assigned tables, but I know there are some who are disappointed with this change.

There will be times when there will be no assigned seating: at our Coffeehouse meetings, our Christmas party, and our End of Year Tea. With this in mind, I'd love your honest feedback. All responses are anonymous :)


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